The Main Benefits of the Axis Sight Leveler

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What is The Axis Sight Leveler?

Simply put, the Axis Sight Leveler is an archery tool that helps archers and bow techs set the first, second, and third axis on bow sights.

Its main importance comes in setting the 3rd axis which, if it’s not calibrated correctly, will lead to incorrectly compensating on uphill and downhill shots.

Importance of The Axis Sight Leveler

What kind of dollar value would you put on certainty and accuracy knowing your equipment is properly calibrated?

Even though it may be priceless – you’ll be confident in taking your shot and staking your reputation.

When perfection is the standard, settling for anything less isn’t even an option.

No one goes to work hoping their tools are good enough. They need to ensure their calibration and accuracy to make sure the job can be completed properly.

We want to help provide you with the certainty and the swagger that comes with knowing your sight will be properly tuned for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis.

How Does The Axis Sight Leveler Work?

The Axis Sight Leveler is a universal sight mounting guide that will help you dial in your sight’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis points.

It’s a hands-free tool that can be mounted on a workbench with a “C” clamp, or better yet — paired with our Versa-Cradle Micro-Tune Bow Vise.

Mounting your sight on the sight leveler allows you to know your sight is level with visual confirmation of level bubbles. It also won’t take away your ability to tune in your sight picture at other crucial axis points.

Leveling screws and a magnetic strip are built-in and round out the heavy-hitting capabilities that this tool brings to your workbench. No more guessing if your sight is perfect, now you can be absolutely certain it is.

Maybe you’re reading this and thinking, “why do I need another gadget? My bow shoots fine at 20 yards.”

In archery, distance and angles of shots will magnify imperfection. If you know that all you’ll ever shoot is a certain distance or angle, then maybe you can get away with a simpler setup.

As more archers and bowhunters enter a competition or take their skills to bigger country chasing game out west, technology is maker longer, more difficult shots possible.

This is where knowing your sight is set on the second and third axis will get you shooting groups at 60 yards as consistently and at the same quality as you do at 20 yards.

Several bowhunters also employ the tactic of practicing at twice the distance they expect to shoot at game. Putting groups in the 12 ring at 60 or even 80 yards makes those 20-yard shots feel like it’s 10.

Plus, if you get that buck of a lifetime that just won’t get into your 20–40-yard range, you can make that farther shot with confidence and certainty.

Now that you’re ready to take the steps toward your sight’s certainty, maybe you’re thinking using the Axis Sight Leveler will require a degree in engineering.

Far from it, the sight is made for both the professional and at-home bow tech in mind.

If you’re using the Versa-Cradle Micro-Tune Bow Vise, simply set the Axis in the “C” clamp, level the position using the level bubbles for visual accuracy, then secure the sight to begin 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis adjustment.

The good news is, if you don’t have a Versa Cradle bow vise, the Axis Leveler can be used by securing it to a workbench with a standard “C” clamp.

Start by leveling the Axis with the included sight leveling screws, secure to the table, and begin working on your sight’s axis points like a pro.

For this scenario, it’s a good idea to have a block of wood at a 45-degree angle to help stabilize the Axis Leveler when setting the 3rd axis.

Once all three axes are leveled, you’re ready to install it on your bow!

You can watch this in-depth “How To” video that’ll help explain exactly how to use the Axis Sight Leveler and How to Set 3rd Axis on a Bow Sight with the Micro Tune Versa Cradle.

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