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Night Ridge ILF Recurve

For those seeking our highest level hunting rig

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Archery Tools for Archery Professionals

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Mainline Products

Classic Archery Supplies and Solutions

SX Crossbow Case

Designed to fit the smallest crossbows on the market and loaded with features like a removable quiver storage pocket.

  • Fits the smallest crossbows
  • 30″x14″x10″ (fits bow up to 14″ cam-to-cam)
  • Removable quiver/bolts storage pocket
  • Fleece interior lining
  • Water-resistant exterior canvas fabric
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Throwback Bow Case

Designed to protect and transport your compound bow with assurance and ease.

  • Lightweight Bow Case
  • Fits most bows up to 38″ cam-to-cam
  • Interior tie-down straps
  • Arrow tube bungee strap system
  • 38″ x 15″ x 3″ interior dimensions
  • Mossy Oak Bottomlands camo
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Shift Ambidextrous Field Quiver

Ambidextrous field quiver design easily converts from right hand to left hand in seconds. Designed for recreational, 3D and target archery.

  • RH/LH ambidextrous design
  • Zippered storage for accessories
  • Nylon D-rings for clip-on accessories
  • Four arrow tubes
  • Black/Grey
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Compression Arm Guard

Standard-fit Compression Arm Guard is ideal for fitting to your forearm. Provides comfortable protection while hunting or flinging arrows in warm weather. Made of stretch fabric, the standard-fit measures 9.5″ (L) with 4″ forearm and 3″ wrist openings.

Jacket-fit Compression Arm Guard is ideal for fitting over layers. Protects your forearm while hunting or flinging arrows in cool weather. Made of stretch fabric, the jacket-fit measures 9.5″ (L) with 5.25″ forearm and 4″ wrist openings.

  • Stretch fabric for compression fit
  • Designed for Comfortable Protection
  • Standard Size: 9.5″ long with 4″ forearm & 3″ wrist openings
  • Jacket Size: 9.5″ long with 5.25″ forearm & 4″ wrist openings
  • One size fits most
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Traditional Products

Carbon-Z ILF 58" Recurve

High-end ILF

The Carbon-Z ILF Bow is comprised of the Carbon-Z ILF Riser and ILF Medium 45# Reaper limbs.

  • 15″ riser
  • Perfect bow to get into ILF set up
  • Medium Reaper Limbs, 45# weight
  • Paduk, hard maple, phenolic, carbon, zebrawood construction makes the bow stronger
  • Unique carbon styling on the riser
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Night Ridge

Ultimate Performance & Appeal

Featuring a CNC’d aluminum riser for ultimate performance and appeal, those seeking our highest-level hunting rig need look no further than the this ILF setup.

  • Three piece take-down design
    for easy storage
  • Short limbs, for speed and response
  • Pro Hunter Arrow rest included
  • Available in RH only
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Sektor 62" Recurve

Pocketless, Pin-Style Riser

The Sektor pocketless, pin-style riser is outfitted with long-limbs for an overall length of 62″.

  • 62″ pin-style recurve
  • 17″ riser
  • Zebrawood and phenolic construction makes the bow stronger
  • Finishing touches: pocket-less, pin-style limb fitting, brass bushings, matte finish, handmade details


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Strata 62" Longbow

Elegant design

An elegant design puts the Strata Longbow in a class of its own. The Strata is crafted from hand-selected cassia siamea and padauk woods for a custom finish and features black fiberglass limbs.

  • 62″ AMO
  • Crafted from hand-selected cassia siamea and padauk woods for a custom finish
  • Black fiberglass limbs
  • Multi-laminate handle with built-in arrow shelf
  • Available in right handed and left handed
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Tech Supplies

Archery Tools for Archery Professionals

Versa-Cradle MicroTune Bow Vise

  • Micro adjust thumb screw for first and second axis adjustment
  • Macro adjusting 360º locking-head ball
  • 3.5″ wide surface area
  • Accommodates most bows and crossbows
  • Made in the USA
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FlightDeck Arrow Center

  • Prepare to fletch by Spinning, Squaring, and Cleaning with this all-in-one professional arrow prep tool
  • Low-friction spinner
  • Built-in arrow squaring tool
  • Nonslip rubber pad on the bottom
  • Includes arrow cleaning components
  • T6061 aluminum construction
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Tru-Center LAT

  • Rapid references for cam, arrow rest and center shot alignment
  • Detachable arrow level fits most arrows
  • Doubles as a bow and arrow leveling tool
  • 360º rotating head design
  • Class 2 laser
  • Quick installation with tool-less knobs
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Axis Sight Leveler

  • Organizes bow maintenance essentials
  • Assist in leveling 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis
  • Universal sight mount
  • Magnetic bottom with leveling screws (to use without a versa-cradle)
  • Best performance when paired with Versa-Cradles (second photo shows with Micro-Tune)
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