Easiest Way to String a Traditional Recurve Bow

How to String a Recurve Bow | Modern Archery Tools for Traditional Bows

Though many bowhunters have migrated to today’s modern-day compounds, there is something about shooting a traditional recurve bow that takes you back to the challenge of archery – almost as challenging as stringing a traditional bow. Anyone who has shot traditional long enough can remember the struggles of trying to string or re-string your traditional bow. Whether at the beginning of the season, at the hunting spot, or in the offseason, stringing your traditional bow may have forced more archers towards compounds than no let-off!

Fortunately, as time and technology have evolved, things in the archery world have become simpler. Yet, the traditional archery experts at October Mountain Products (OMP) have developed a simple yet extremely effective tool to string or re-string your traditional bow. The Flex Pro Stringer is an extremely easy and quick way to safely string your traditional bow anywhere you might need to.



The next time you get frustrated stringing your bow, check out the traditional bowstringing tool at October Mountain Products for your traditional archery needs.