String Wax vs. String Balm vs. String Serum

Proper string care is an important part of the sport of archery and bowhunting success.  Much of that success will be determined by the products you choose to use on your equipment.  There are various options to help you care for and increase the longevity of your bowstring.  At October Mountain Products we offer three quality string care products that will help to ensure that you get the most out of your equipment.  Below you will find an outline and a high-level overview of some of the details, specifics, and differences of each of these products.

String Wax

String wax is a commonly used product in the archery industry.  When used and applied properly, it can help to protect and preserve your bowstring.  Our bowstring wax formula is designed to penetrate the fibers of your string to achieve long-lasting protection from moisture damage and deterioration from UV light.  Over-application of bowstring wax should be avoided, so always favor light and even applications of wax to your string and keep wax off your string serving.

String Balm

String balm offers essentially the same benefits of bowstring wax, but in a re-engineered formula that provides easier application to your bowstring.  String balm is softer than string wax, so it is easier to achieve a more even and lighter distribution on your bowstring.  String balm is an effective means to protect your bowstring from moisture, dirt, and UV damage.  However, it should be noted that string conditioning and protective products are not a means of bowstring repair.  The use of a product like a bowstring wax or balm should be looked at as a preventative measure that can help to increase your bowstring’s longevity when they are applied correctly.  If you are noticing excessive fraying on your bowstring, simply applying string wax or balm does not repair the fraying of the string. Using light applications of string wax or balm on strings can help prevent this type of fraying from occurring as quickly, and increase the lifespan of your string.  Understanding the differentiation between preventative maintenance and string repair is important.

String Serum

October Mountain Products string serum is designed to take string conditioning to the next level.  Our formula is designed to both clean and condition your bowstring.  When dirt and debris collect on your string, an application of string serum will help to remove the dirt and leave the string with a thin protective coating that can increase its longevity.  The odor-free formula is also effective at removing excess wax build-up that may have accumulated on your bowstring over time.  String serum is one of the most effective cleaning and conditioning agents for your bowstring and is recommended for archers who want to achieve the highest level of performance from their bow.

String Care Recap

String care is one of the most important aspects of bow maintenance and will help to ensure a safe shooting experience. 

String conditioning products are compact and easily fit in your bow case or tool kit along with your other archery necessities.  They provide an economical means to get the most out of your investment in quality bowstrings. 

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