Five Reasons Why You Should Choose Archery as a Hobby

One of the most common questions we often hear is “What made you choose archery as a hobby?”. The truth is archery is more than a hobby to us here at October Mountain Products – it is a passion. There is nothing quite like the feeling of picking up that bow and staring down that target.

While it isn’t the first sport a person thinks about when choosing a new hobby or activity, it is certainly one of the more beneficial sports. Archery is a sport with so many benefits both physically and mentally. Here are just a few of the reasons why we think you should choose archery as a hobby today –

  • Mental Benefits – Shooting accurately helps teach self-motivation, patience, and calmness. It also helps build confidence. With every shot, you can feel yourself improving and you begin to feel more and more confident about your abilities. Often, that feeling reaches into your everyday life.
  • Physical Conditioning – While target shooting is super fun, it is more physically demanding that you think. Pulling the string back and holding it while you aim, requires upper body strength. For first time shooters, the muscle exertion is a little surprising. Consistent shooting will quickly build muscle tone and stamina.
  • Character Building – Shooting is often like life – sometimes you hit your target and sometimes you miss by a mile. It’s an excellent sport for building character. When you make that great shot, you get that feeling of excitement and accomplishment. When you miss, you get down but quickly start thinking about why you missed and how you could do better next time.
  • All Inclusive – There are no restrictions to the sport. Experience on ice or being tall in basketball are distinct advantages to the respective sport. Archery doesn’t have those advantages. All you need is a bow, an arrow, and determination. Men, women, and children can shoot. People of perfect health can compete against shooters with disabilities. Many of today’s best shooters compete in the Paralympics!
  • Fun for All Ages – There really is no age limit to the sport. If you can pick up a bow and safely shoot, then you can enjoy archery. There are tournaments held for kids and for adults within age groups of 60’s and 70’s.

Hopefully, these reasons convinced you to start archery as your next hobby. You won’t regret it and you’ll be sure to enjoy a lifetime of fun.

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