FlightDeck Arrow Spinner & Square 2024 Overview

LikeLikedOur FlightDeck Arrow Spinner & Square is a professional grade tool for Pro Shops and home use; loaded with features, the FlightDeck spins and squares all types of arrows as well as inserts/outserts. Two trays hold arrow components coupled with three 8-32UNC tapped holes for bore brushes and a patch puller. A rubber-padded bottom holds […]

The Archery Tech Tool Pro Kit is HERE

LikeLikedStill looking for an upgrade to your bow tool game? The wait is over. With the Archery Tech Tool Pro or Starter Kit from OMP, you will have enhanced tuning ability with our updated listing of included tools: – Hex Wrench Set .050 – 3/16 in. – Hex Wrench Set 5/64 – 1/4 in. – […]

How To Choose a Peep Sight

LikeLikedIn this video, we’ll cover how to select the best peep sight for your bow. We’ll show you the difference between 1/8″, 3/16″, and 1/4″ Retna Peep sights and what’s the best bow peep sight based on your needs e.g. target archery, bowhunting, etc.

How to Set Up a Recurve Bow

LikeLikedIn this video, we’ll show you how to properly set up your recurve bow using one of our Sektor Recurve Bows. We’ll cover adjusting your brace height, installing string silencers, installing an arrow rest, how to install nocking points, and more.