Sektor ILF 60″ Recurve

Sektor ILF 60″ Recurve

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The Sektor ILF Bow is comprised of the Sektor ILF Riser and ILF Medium 45lb Reaper Limbs. The Sektor ILF riser is carved from a premium blend of zebrawood and phenolic composite that is 3/64″ cut past center, with a crowned arrow shelf at 17″ in length. It provides the broadest range of customization and tune-ability with its compatibility of vast ILF limb assortments, lateral limb alignment and tiller adjustability. The ILF Reaper Limb weights are established on a 17″ riser at 28″ draw.

  • 17″ riser
  • Perfect bow to get into ILF set up
  • Medium Reaper Limbs, 45# weight
  • Zebrawood and phenolic construction
    makes the bow stronger
  • 3/64″ cut past center
  • Crowned arrow shelve
  • International limb fittings
  • Lateral limb alignment
  • Weight/tiller adjustment

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