How to Care for a Recurve Bow | October Mountain Products

Recurve and Traditional Bow Maintenance

This video shows you how to care for your traditional recurve bow or hunting bow, while hunting, after shooting, and in the offseason.   

  • The first thing you want to do is look for general integrity issues such as delamination, burs, or any other defects from wear and tear. 
  • Look your string over for cuts or frays.  
  • Always string your bow with a bow stringer tool, as other ways to string your bow could lead to integrity issues.  
  • Look over the limbs and the riser once the bow is strung to make sure everything is aligned properly.  
  • Never store a bow strung, take it down for storage.  
  • And lastbut not least…do not dry fire a bow! This can include making sure you have the proper arrow weight as certain arrows that are too light could be in effect, dry firing the bow.