October Mountain Products M-100 Digital Bow Scale
Product Return Process

March 22, 2016

The most recent shipment of OMP M-100 Digital Bow Scales were not produced to proper manufacturer specifications, and should be considered defective. Our goal is simply to reacquire the potentially defective OMP M-100 Digital Bow Scales in the marketplace. The number of units affected is limited, as the defect occurred in only our most recent shipment of the product. Details about how to determine whether you are in possession of an M-100 from this specific shipment — and how to return any affected products — can be found at here.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recall notice can be found here.

Since being made aware of the potential defect to the product, all efforts have been made to ensure that our customers are protected. Thus, production and sale of the OMP M-100 Digital Bow Scales have ceased for the time being. Further, our customer care team has already spoken with each retailer who purchased a potentially defective OMP M-100 Digital Bow Scale. Corrective action — and making our customer whole — is what’s most important to our team. Our customer’s safety and best interest come first.

Select manufacturing improvements are underway, and we anticipate the manufacturing process will resume in the near future.